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Our Customers

Everyone within our reach who eats meat and wants it to look and taste great without chemical intervention!

We want our customers to understand:

  • we are local family farmers
  • producing quality food
  • on high-grade pasture and home grown grain
  • to provide quality products in store
  • at genuine value for money

We understand and meet the needs of the families on budgets, like our own families, and the chefs and home gourmets, that's us too sometimes!

We all want high quality, great tasting, tender meat at prices we can afford.

Erindale Farm delivers all this by cutting out the middle men and ensuring we maximise the value of every animal without waste – to that end we offer a range of products from the most select cuts through budget cuts, home made sausages and small goods and finally to our own high quality pet food and excellent dog bones.

Increasingly Australians want to know where their food comes from and are concerned about the environmental impacts of their food supply and its transport, now measured in "food miles".  Erindale Farm more than answers these concerns.

Finally our customers understand that they must support local producers or have more and more farmers being squeezed off the land. 

Consumers will then be left with their meat supply coming from intensive feed lots which already supply 80% of beef sold in major domestic supermarkets. (SOURCE: Australian Lot Feeders' Association (ALFA))

Drop in and see us at:

Shop 6, Lyttleton Terrace
Bendigo - 6 days
Telephone: 5443 8600

Shop 4, The Bendigo Marketplace
Bendigo - 7 days
Telephone 5441 8144

Bendigo Farmers' Market
Rosalind Park
2nd Saturday of each month

On the farm this Spring

Our breeding sheep have been producing and sustaining twin lambs. Spring rains have so far been great for crops and pastures. Spring shearing has been completed.