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Our Heritage

While we are unclear about the reasons, there is a family story of a twenty-something Irishman called John Gallagher jumping ship during the Gold Rush who then started Erindale Farm in the 1860's.   How and with what resources remains unclear.   This history is a work in progress.

Generation 1:         John b. 1822  & Martha Gallagher

Generation 2:         Teddy & Margaret Gallagher (from 1870's)

Generation 3:         Joseph P & Carmel Gallagher (from 1920's)

Generation 4:         Kevin & Leonie Gallagher (from 1960's)

Generation 5:         Brian & Nicole Gallagher (1990's)

Drop in and see us at:

Shop 6, Lyttleton Terrace
Bendigo - 6 days
Telephone: 5443 8600

Shop 4, The Bendigo Marketplace
Bendigo - 7 days
Telephone 5441 8144

Bendigo Farmers' Market
Rosalind Park
2nd Saturday of each month

On the farm this Spring

Our breeding sheep have been producing and sustaining twin lambs. Spring rains have so far been great for crops and pastures. Spring shearing has been completed.